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Railway Recruitment Board Exam Previous Papers Model Question and Practice Papers

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Railway Recruitment Board Exam Previous Papers Model Question and Practice Papers

Railway Recruitment Board Exam For Signal-Engineer Subjective 2006Question Paper

51 Fill in the blanks:i) For Roding, running under the track the minimum distance

between top of Roding and bottom of rail should be….

ii) Minimum length of the lock bar for a broad gauge is…….

.iii) Lock bar should have minimum no. of Clips……

.iv) The colour of point lever is ……..

v) Resumption of normal working after overhauling can be doneby SSE / Signal if no. of lever are not more than ……..

vi) All gates within station limit are called …gates.

vii) A gate qualifies for interlocking if the TVU are more than……..

viii) Clearance between road surface and LC boom should bebetween ……to…… Meter.

ix) Far boom locking to be effective it shall not be possible to liftthe boom by …..From close position.

x) Minimum of. …….. % of spare conductors are to be provided inthe main cable up to farthest point zone.

xi) Station section in a “C’ class station is from ……to ………

xii) Specification of self regulatory battery charger is S………

xiii) A concrete sleeper is used in track circuited area if it has aminimum resistance of ….Ohms between insert to insert.

xiv) Minimum cross section of lead wire for track circuit should be…….mm.

xv) Excitation level of a track relay will not be less than …….ofrated pick up voltage.

xvi) Plug in type of track relays has to replace after …….years.24

xvii) The overhauling period of DLBI is ……….years.

xviii) For obstruction test of a point test piece is kept at a ………distance from the tow of

xix) Fuse of correct capacity should be of about ……time the ratedcurrent in signaling circuit.

xx) The minimum implantation distance of a colour light signalfrom the centre of the track should be ………..

xxi) The colour of shunt signal button on the panel is ………..

xxii) Route setting on the panel is indicated by…….

xxiii) UYR relay is used for ……….

xxiv) WCR relay is used for………….

xxv) ALSR is used for ……….

xxvi) The value of induced voltage in unscreened cable in doubleline section is ……..ohm/Km.

xxvii) The AC immunity of a IRS point machine is…….Ohm.

xxviii)As per SEM the minimum visibility of a distance signal inMACLS territory is……..

xxix) The Block Section Limit Board is located at minimum …..metrefrom home signal.

xxx) Clamp type direct locks are desirable for speed above………Km/Hour.

52. Write full form of :


(iii) RAMS


(vii) MSDAC
(viii) EKT


(xii) OLWR
(xiii) DMTR
(xiv) MTTR
(xv) MTBF
53. Write true or false:i) Insulated rail shall be kept clear of the ballast by 25mm.

ii) Only single rail track circuit can be provided in 25 KV Ac area.25

iii) Rail joint bonds are maintained by S&T department

.iv) Audio frequency track circuit does not require glued joints.

v) Diodo token less block instrument cannot be used in RE area.

vi) 3-Phase point machine is immune to induced voltage and canbe used to any length of parallelism.

vii) Direct feeding of AC LED signals is permitted up to 2 Kms.

viii) All external circuit requires cross protection arrangement

.ix) When SM key is out no operation can be done from the panel.

x) Calling-on signal button is of red colour with white dot.

xi) Implantation distance is painted in red colour on signal post ifdistance is more than 2.36 metre.

xii) Shelf type line relays are overhauled on after every 15 year.

xiii) CRS approval is required for locating a signal on right side.

xiv) For solid rodding the minimum unsupported length is 1.8metres

.xv) Green notice is issued by traffic department.

xvi) The type of turn out is specified in Interlocking plan.

xvii) Calling-on signal detects all the points in routes and overlap.

xviii) After two months of commissioniong responsibility ofmaintaining Signalling gears in station lies on open line evenif station is not handed over to open line.

xix) Interlocking of a L. C. gates requires sanction of CRS.

xx) QSPA1 relay is used as repeater of TR.

xxi) Authority to proceed means authority to enter in blocksection.

xxii) Station limit and station section means same thing

.xxiii) Class “D” stations are non interlocked.

xxiv) Double yellow aspect means caution.
xxv) A depended shunt signal has no ON aspect
.xxvi) In automatic signaling letter “A” in white on black circular discis provided
.xxvii) Absolute block system is most prevalent system of blockworking.
xxviii)Driver can pass an Automatic signal in red without anyauthority.
xxix) Caution board is provided at 400 metre away from speedindicator board.
xxx) Grease/petroleum jelly can be provided on secondary batteryterminals to prevent corrosion.
xxxi) The LED ECR used in ON aspect can also be used for routeaspect.
xxxii) SL-21 signal lamps have two filaments of equal rating.
xxxiii)The maximum length of track circuit in RE area using PSCsleeper is 350 metres.26
xxxiv)Force drop arrangement is provided in EKT.
xxxv) Calling –on signal is of lunar white colour.27
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